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Q. Do your fees include local authority planning and building regulation fees?

A. Fees for the planning application and building regulation approval are additional and made payable to the Local Authority. We will advise you of the costs in writing prior to making the submissions.

Q. Do you charge VAT?

A. Essan-K Planning Ltd are a VAT registered company and as a result it is compulsory for us to charge VAT.

Q. When do i need to make payment for your fees?

A. Our initial quotation will be broken down into two payments. The first will be due on completion of the survey and planning drawings. At this time we will confirm that you are happy with the proposed design before submission to the Local Authority for planning approval. When planning has been approved we will then produce detailed design drawings and issue to LABC (Local Authority Building Control) for building regulation approval. Finally, once the building regulation drawings have been passed we will require the second and final payment.

Q. Are there any hidden costs?

A. Applications and authorities can vary from place to place. Depending on where your property is situated and the surrounding area you may require a tree survey, flood risk assessment, level survey, etc. Should any surveys or reports of this type be required we will obviously take care of this on your behalf but a separate fee may be charged for this service.

Q. How long does planning and building regulation approval take to be processed?

A. Again, this process can vary from council to council. A decision on planning approval is normally standard eight weeks but can occasionally run over due to a substantial level of applications, special cases, etc. Although we can not 'speed up' this process we will chase the council on a regular basis near or around the decision due date. Building regulation approval normally takes approximately six weeks but again can occasionally run over.

Q. What is the difference between Planning Permission and Building Regulations approval?

A. There will normally be two separate departments within your Local Authority - the Planning department and Building Control department. Drawings submitted for planning approval will include, amongst other information, existing and proposed floor plans and elevations for the planners to check the development fits in with the surrounding area and buildings. They will also check to ensure that the development does not adversely affect any neighbouring properties. Building Regulation drawings submitted to Building Control are produced to show basically how the development will be built and ensure all areas comply with the approved documents and standards.

Q. Do I need planning permission for a loft conversion?

A. Please click here to view relevant section.

Q. Do I need planning permission for building extensions?

A. Please click here to view relevant section.

Q. Are you fully insured?

A. Essan - K Planning Ltd has all the necessary insurance cover, including professional indemnity. This covers you in the unlikelihood of a design error.